The General Studies Paper IV covers the following main areas:

  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Aptitude

This paper tests the candidate’s approach to the issues of integrity and probity while dealing with public life. It also tests the candidate’s approach to problem-solving and conflict resolution.

This paper may have a slight overlap of topics with Governance and Social Justice Subjects from General Studies II in the Civil Service Examination mains papers but is largely independent of the syllabus of other GS papers.

Courses for Ethics:

  1. Ethics Answer Writing (Coming Soon)
  2. Ethics Case Study (Coming Soon)
  3. Ethics Mentorship

Ethics Mentorship

Ethics (GS Paper 04) Mentorship is available.


  • Daily Study Schedule
  • Daily 2-5 Questions (No evaluation)
  • Mentorship over Zoom/Google Meet(Twice a Week)
  • Mentorship over Call/WhatsApp (as per time allotted)
  • For both English and हिन्दी medium.

Fee: ₹ 999 + GST

Note: No Material/Content/Video Lectures will be provided.

For Query, Call +91-9289897575

Ethics Answer Writing

Ethics Answer Writing

Coming Soon…

Ethics Case Study

Case Study for Ethics and Public Administration as well, more than 50+ Case Study evaluations.

Coming Soon…

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